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On this page we list one of the largest selections of Indoor models in Europe.

Indoor free flight models are usually quite small, up to 24" (600mm) that come in various forms generally divided into Scale or Duration. For duration, i.e. how long the model will fly for, the ready to fly Butterfly and Kolibri are the easiest to use as all you have to do is tie a knot in the rubber motor. Next up are the artf Bulldog and Hanger Rats. These require minimal building and can be ready to go in as little as 15 minutes. The conventional construction kits starting with the EZB do need to be built on a building board. Don't be put off by the tiny size of some of the parts, these models really are very easy to build and can give hours of fun.

Indoor Scale can also be a facinating hobby. Many of our scale models are true scale with just a hint of dihedral to make them fly properly.

As a general point, before flying your model or trying to take it to a local hall, prepare a suitable carrying box. Ensure that this is strong enough to withstand the cat jumping on it and mark the box clearly that the contents are fragile.

Free flying indoors is great fun. No problems with the weather, no waiting for a slot, just unload the box, wind the model and off you go!

Building. We suggest that you use either PVA white glue ( dilute to make it lighter and easier to use) of aliphatic glues such as Superphatic. Ambroid or Duco cements are also popular, do not use ordinary Balsa cement as this shrinks a lot when drying and can distort the airframe. Also do not use Cyno to build with, it makes all the joints brittle, its great for repair though. Remember at all times to keep the indoor model as light as possible for maximum flight times.
Flying. It is a good idea if you intend to fly alone, to prepare some form of stooge, or holder to hold the model in place on you table while you wind the motor. This can as simple as a winder clamped to the table so you can hold the model with one hand while you wind with the other, to a 'U' shaped bracket on the table just wider that the rear fuselage of the model . If you use a tube for the rear rubber peg on the model and drill a hole each side of the 'U' bracket you can slide a wire through the tube from side to side that will hold the model while you remove the nose block to wind the motor.


Ready to fly models

G2010. Butterfly

Only 7" wingspan this model comes complete and ready to go. Includes carry box. £14.25 Paper

G2010a. Clear Film version £15.25

G2018. Kolibri
8 1/2" span. Made from very thin foam so is a little more robust than the Butterfly. £11.20

G2020. Carbon Butterfly

1.8gm, span 190mm


Almost ready to fly models. These models are almost ready made but due to the size when made up come packed flat. Don't for get to prepare a travelling box before setting out to your flying site

G2013. Bulldog. The wing and fuselage are ready made. All you have to do is join them together. 18" span. Paper covered £11.40

G2013a. Clear Film version £22.40

G2019. Hanger Rat
19 1/2" span. Much like the bulldog but a bit more robust and has an undercarriage.
19 1/2 span. £16.30

G2014. Spitfire. 10" Foam Fighter. Supplied ready to fly


Also. G2015. Me 109

G2016. P51 Mustang
G2017. Zero

G2021. Avionette. Semi scale version of the Mignet HM8. Ready to fly. 265mm span, weight 5.2gms


G8760. Avion de Penaud. Modern take on the original rubber powered model plane from 1871. 16"



Conventional construction Indoor models. Most of these will take a few hours to construct but will give you many many hours of satisfying flying. Some can be flown at home like the Mini Stick or Parlor planes. Others will need a larger space such a school hall or local leisure centre. Some like the Pussycat or the Akro are ideally suited to the absolute beginner. Most of the rest will present no big problems even if you haven't done this before. Remeber. If you don't understand something we are always here to help.

G1. The Easy Bee (EZB). 18" span. Fly for fun or join in FAI competitiions with this world class of model. For small halls upwards.



G2. 3 Parlor Planes. 10" Span. As the name suggests, this models can be flown at home. Enough material for 3 models.


G8. Novice Class Penny Plane. Like the Easy Bee, Penny Plane is an FAI class competition model. This simplified version can be flown by beginners and experts alike. 18" Span



G10. 3 Mini Sticks. Sometimes call living room stick the little 7" models can be flown at home or in a hall. Materials for 3 models.



G12. Hawk. Primary Trainer. A very simple model for beginners. 16"

Laser cut parts

G13. Pussycat. Ideally named. Easy to build and easy to fly. 12" Span.


Laser cut parts

G14. Easy Penny. 18" span flat bottom wing Penny Plane design. Includes laser cut parts. Ideal for beginners to PP.


Laser cut parts

G15. Moffett No.1. A bit more complex undercambered wing Penny Plane. 18" Span. Includes laser cut parts.


Laser cut parts

G18. Moffett No.2. A bit more difficult to construct Penny Plane. 18" Span


Laser cut parts

G19. AKRO. Unusual cabin style low winger. Very easy to make. 15"


G20. Jacks Rat. Another version of the popular Hanger Rat.
19 1/2 Span.


G623. A64U2. Very simple A-6 Design. 20"


G624. Rafter Bat. 15" Rubber powered model designed with beginners in mind.


G626. Dynamic Duo. 13" model for

more experienced modellers.



G629. Tuppence. Novel bipenny plane 18"




G9. Flapping Flyer Ornithopter. 24" Condenser paper covered model for more experienced modellers


More unusual models to fly indoors

G5040. Gryphon Ornithopter 16". Flapping wing bird model. Suprisingly easy to build.
16" span




G8300. Sparrow. 11" Indoor Handlaunch or Catapault Glider. Laser cut parts


G8301. Minnow. Lloyd Shales fantastic R.O.G indoor model. 16" span




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