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Easy Built Jetex Kits


This range of simple to build Jetex models are of vintage designs from the 50's.

With each model we indicate appropriate Rapier or Jet-X motor we suggest you use should you possess them.

All Kits only £18.95 each plus postage and packing except the flying Wing with is priced below

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Cat No. G412. Avro 707 mis-named the Vulcan. Rapier L2 or Jet-X 50

Cat No. G413. Mig 15. Rapier L2 or L3, Jet-X 50

Cat No. G414. Grumman Panther.
Rapier L3 or L4, Jet-X 50 or 100

Cat No. G415. Supermarine Swift.
Rapier L2, Jet-X 50

Cat No. G416. Venom.
Rapier L3, Jet-X 50

Cat No. G417. Sea Vixen.
Rapier L3 or L4, Jet-X 100

Cat No. G418. Supermarine Attacker.
Rapier L3, Jet-X 50

Cat No. G419. Douglas Skyray.
Rapier L2 or Jet-X 50

G420. Earl Van Gorders Flying Wing 27 3/8"
Suitable for Jet-X 50 or Rapier L3


Plus shipping


G8454. Heinkel P.1077 13"
Suitable for Rapier or Jet-X, even Rubber or Catapault


plus shipping


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