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Indoor Flying Events 2015

Sunday 15th March

Impington Village College MFC Indoor Flying Event

Same as ever, friendly comps if you want, otherwise fly for fun or spectate



BMFA Indoor Scale Nats

University of Wolerhampton Sports Centre

Gorway Road


West Midlands WS1 3BDF

Doors open 0800, Flying from 0900

Sunday 19th April 2015









2015 Edition. Updated

UK Price. £5.95 Including postage

EU. 6.50 Including postage

Overseas. £7.90 Including air mail postage



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Welcome to our world of flying models


Just look at the range of different types of model we can supply. Browse through the kits pages for 100's more

Mundane but interesting. New from Esaki

B4. Jap Tissue Light Blue - Single sheets or Packs of 10
B4. Jap Tissue Brown - Single Sheets or packs of 10

Oh What Fun!!

Power your paper dart with



F580.Power UP Mk2 Rechargable flight system
Now includes on/off switch

Sometimes you come across something that makes you think Why didn't I think of that?
The Power Up is a very simple rechargable motor stick that just clips onto a paper aeroplane.
Charge for a maximum of 20 seconds and launch. You can get flights of nearly a minute. Comes
in strong transport box complete with spare prop , charger and instructions for folding a model.

And its only £13.95 Complete + p&p

SEE It Fly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFyVYVOVSwk&feature=youtu.be

Free Sephton BombBat plan with each Power Up



Latest from AG

G4053 - F.W. 190. 26" Span for Rubber or Electric.
Laser Cut parts, coloured tissue, Canopy etc ( Rubber pack available )

£53.00 + shipping


G4049. Piper J3 Cub. 35-1/2" Span Rubber Powered. Laser cut part. Coloured tissue for Military or civil versions £43.95
2 Versions available.

G4050. Piper J3 Cub. As above for Electric power or conversion to radio control. £39.95

Also now available

G4051. Beagle Husky. 21-1/2" Rubber Model. Ideal for Indoor or outdoor use Laser cut parts £29.95

G4052. As above only with printed balsa panels. £19.95

G4048. D.H.82 Tiger Moth.

29" span for rubber free flight or park flyer electric radio. Fully laser cut sheetwood parts,
Huge 2 sheet plan, decals including fuselage registration and wheel logo, stripwood and

£61.95 plus shipping

Available NOW! Another fantastic laser cut kit from Mike Midkiff

G4047. De Havilland D.H.2. 28" span model for electric free flight or
radio control. Comprehensive laser cut kit.

£55.95 plus shipping

New Large Plastic Props for Rubber Powered Models

E190. 12 Inch. £3.95

E191. 10 Inch. £2..95

New from KP Electric

Here at last, the 24mm bore Electric Fan

F570. 24mm bore Electric Ducted Fan. 26mm od, 35mm length, 8.8 gms Weight

Suitable for use with many of our Rapier or Jetex powered Jet Models, use with F515 timer and
Li Poly lightweight battery

£24.95 plus p&p


Cat No. F84. KP01 Mk 2 Li Poly Electric Free Flight motor system.
Now available. This Mk 2 KP01 comes complete with speed controller / timer,
and 2 props. Suitable for models up to 4-1/2 oz

£31.75 + p&p

Cat No. F85. KP02 Mk 2 Li Poly

Complete with speed controller / timer and props.
Suitable for models up to 9 oz

£35.85 plus p&p

Li Poly Charger

F559. Li Poly, NiCd / NiMH Batter Charger / Discharger
A fantastic battery charger capable of charging up to 6 series Li Po's or
up to 15 NiCd / NiMH batteries at a time. Built in balancer & Cables Shown
Requires 12v power supply.


G560. Car Adapter leads for Li Po Charger. Allows charging from power outlet
in your car. £5.95

Note. Do not charge the batteries within the car. Always charge on
non flammable surface

Also New from KP

Ballraced Thrust Bearings

C66 1.mm (1/32)
C67 1.2mm (3.64)
C68 1.6mm (1/16)

£1.80 each

Dumas Laser Cut Kits Available Again - Use these links for quick access

www.samsmodels.co.uk/Catsectiong.html ( Scroll down to G1600 or G1950 )



G2020. Carbon Butterfly. Made almost entirely of Carbon rod, this version of the ever popular Butterfly
weighs in at just 1.9gms. The span is 190mm. Supplied in its own travelling box and ready to fly.

£20.40 plus shipping.


Cat No. G2021. Avionette. Simply charming semi scale version of the Henri
Mignet HM8. 10-1/2" span for Indoor or calm outdoor flying. Ready to fly.

£19.95 + p&p


G3053. Carbon Pee Wee P30
The latest version of the fabulous Ready to Fly Pee Wee is
now fitted with Carbon fuselage and spar plus mylar wing covering.
Model weighs in at just 40gms. 30" Span

£179.95 plus shipping

(please e mail for overseas shipping costs)


New for 2011 from WestWings

G5082. Aurora Glider. Simple radio control Glider
62-1/2" span.

£49.95 plus shipping

NEW! August 2012 - WestWing Lancer R/C Sailplane

99" span to 100S rules- £149.99 plus shipping



A12. Deluxe Materials TISSUE Paste. 50ml tube. £4.85

Now supplied in 50ml Bottle


NEW! Electric Motor Control

F515. KP Free Flight Electric Control.

Combine this tiny 1.3gm device with an electric speed controller and you can use any
combination of battery or motor, brushed or brushless, li po or nicad . Allows for
control of speed, time and decay to stop. Up to 35 seconds. £18.95 plus p&p

F516. As above but up to 120 seconds.
F518. As above but for 10 Minutes

Also New from KP

F444. 32mm Electric Fan. Very High Performance using Li Poly cells and timer above


Spec. Bore Deameter 32mm
Outside Dia 33.5mm
Length. 47.5mm
Length with intake. 71.2mm
Weight with 7.35 KV Feigao Motor. 26.5gms


With 2 x 250mah Li Poly - Thrust 64gms @ 6volt, 3.7amps
With 2 x 350mah Li Poly - Thrust 68gms @ 6.73volt, 4.1 amps

With 3 x 400mah Li Poly - Thrust 130gms @ 9.91volts, 7.8amps

Great new range of kits from 'Enjoy Hobby'

New for 2011

Cat No. 8760. Avion de Penaud. A modern take on the original rubber
powered flying model from 1871. 16" span for indoor or outdoor flying

£11.95 + p&p


New spoked Wheel range


A new range of spoked wheels in 16 sizes from 1/2" TO 1-1/2"
Click here to go to section J. Scroll to J161 / 176

Spoked wheels for R/c Electric and Park Flyers

1 1/4" to 2 1/2" J177 to J180

Also Finished and Ready to use Balsa Props



From November 2010 - Great New Deal

This winder is now DOWN in price. One version only available,

10-1 & 4-1 Radio with Counter


Catalogue No. L42. £65.00

Revised REPLIKIT Range.

Now all Laser Cut Click for details



New entries on Easybuilt kits & Replikit kits

Mike Midkiff Plans

A new addition to this exciting range of proven flying models

K607. Bristol Beaufighter. 38" span 3 sheet plan for electric free flight or radio control

for the

Sams Models

And How
Get It


Comprehensive Handbook & Catalogue

"Quote from Radio Controlled Model Flyer Magazine"

NEW 2010 Catalogue from SAMS

SAMS Models have a super new 110 page illustrated handbook and catalogue
which gives details of their very extensive range of Free Flight items.
SAMS Models are, in fact, Europe's leading FF mail order house. As well as
listing all the items covering all aspects of free flight, the catalogue
earns its handbook status by containing some very interesting and
imformative articles, written by well-known exponents of the art of free
flight, covering what you need to know regarding rubber motors, free flight electric,
covering and building techniques - excellent value at £5.95 (Includes
postage). An increasing number of specialist radio controlled models can now be found in the Catalogue and on this site.
Every serious modeller should have one!
Note. Cost to European Countries is £6.50, other Countries its £7.90 which
includes air mail postage.

Aerographics is a rapidly growing range of scale flying model aircraft of unusual designs. Visit our Aerographics Page. Select the model you are interested in and then look at a picture of the Aerographics Model that you you could build.

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