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Crocket Winding Hooks
Preformed Crocket hooks for winding rubber motors Available in three sizes Please select ..
Mystery Tailless
22" Wingspan fantasy flyer based on the American Aces comic rules Unorthodox layout makes a s..
Rubber Motor 'O' Rings
Rubber 'O' Rings These can be fitted at each end of a rubber motor to enable easier winding ..
Rubber Motor Strip
High Quality Rubber strip from F.A.I manufactured specifically for use in all types of model airc..
Rubber Winder 10:1
A superbly engineered 10:1 ratio rubber motor winder for indoor and outdoor models, can handle a ..
Rubber Winder Outdoor 10:1 or 4:1
A superbly engineered Rubber winder for larger motors and outdoor models. Can be used with a 4:1 ..
  A highly effective rubber lubricant made to SAMS own recipe   Suitable fo..
Winding Hooks
Preformed alloy winding hooks for winding rubber motors Available in 5 sizes (Including t-bar..
  A highly effective super slippery silicon rubber lubricant.   Suitable fo..
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