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Plastic Propellers
Wide selection of plastic propellers with rounded tips for indoor and outdoor use Standard tr..
Plastic Propellers (Designers Kit)
Kit containing four propellers (in two sizes) plus nose bearings, washers and shafts to matc..
Black 5"  diameter plastic Pusher propeller for rubber models     ..
Plastic Propellers Campell
Wide blade plastic propeller with square tips for rubber models Standard tractor pr..
Plastic Propellers for Rubber (Large )
Super quality smooth plastic rubber power propeller from Easybuilt Three sizes, 8", 10" and 1..
Plastic Propellers Rat Assembly
Complete prop assembly for the popular Hanger Rat stick type aircraft     ..
Plastic Propellers With Hub Assembly
2 sizes of plastic propeller with hub assembly for stick type model Black are 6" diamete..
Pre-formed "S" Hook Prop Shafts
Pre-formed wire propeller shafts with "S" hook end Three different options 1/32" x 3..
Pre-formed Prop Shafts
Pre-formed wire propeller shafts either diamond or round hook end (dependant upon availability) ..
Hard steel/piano wire for making up prop shafts, undercarriages hooks etc. Measured inThou fo..
Prop Shafts Assemblies
Pre-formed wire propeller shafts either diamond or round hook end complete with suitable nose bea..
Rubber Motor Strip
High Quality Rubber strip from F.A.I manufactured specifically for use in all types of model airc..
SAMS Electric motor/gearbox unit
 Powerful 8mm Coreless Brushed motor/gearbox unit spare motor gearbox unit from the Elec..
SAMS Tension Spring
Tension spring for propeller shaft 1/2" long 3/16" O/D (approx 12mm x 4.5mm)    ..
Superior Balsa Propeller Blanks
Wide selection of wooden propeller blanks. Part finished they can be used as is or finished ..
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