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Leopard Moth
22" Wingspan Scale Model byEasy Built Contains everything except Glue and Dope, can be converted ..
Lockheed F117a Stealth Fighter
Excellent Quality Scale Kit from West Wings of the Lockheed Stealth Fighter 23" Long. Ori..
Lusac 11
one of a series of unusual peanut scale models. Not for complete beginners but make into nice fly..
Luton Minor
Excellent Quality Scale Kit from Aerographics of the Luton Minor. 20" This pretty rendition of ..
ME 109
21" Span ME109, rubber power One of A range of interesting subjects produced in the tra..
ME 109
  Vintage Model Company Reprentation of the ME109 18" wingspan version ..
ME 109
30" Wingspan scale model by Easy Built Kit contains everything except Glue and Dope ..
Me 163 Komet
Excellent Quality Scale Kit from Aerographics of the Me 163 Komet. 16" A Rapier or Jet-X powere..
ME109 1/24th Scale
Excellent Quality Scale Kit from Wingleader Models 1/24th Scale ME109 18.5" wingspan one of a..
Meadowlark P-30
Simple P-30 size Competition model Idfeal as an introduction to lightweight outdoor flying ..
Excellent Quality Non-scale Kit from West Wings Simple to build Glider Ideal For Beginne..
Mig 15
16" wingspan stick and tissue construction model Originally for Jetex 50, could be flown on R..
Mig 21
Excellent Quality Scale Kit from Aerographics of the Mig 21. Originally a rapier model can be use..
Miles M18
English WW2 open cockpit trainer. 13"         ..
Miles Mohawk
Scale Model Kit by Easy Built contains everything to complete except glue and dope. Can be co..
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