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2 Part Ballraced Thrust Bearing
  Lightweight Plastic ball raced nose bearing by KP Super light ballraced ..
Adjustable Nose Bearing
  Lightweight Plastic fully adjustable nose bearing by KP Clever nose bearing that a..
Balsa Stripper
Super Sharp Simple to use Balsa Stripper (The One used by ourseleves)     &..
Balsa Wood Sheet
High Quality selected Balsa sheets in packs of 8. Mix of grains. We try to include at least 1 she..
Balsa Wood Strip
High Quality selected Balsa strip in packs of 25 or 50 available in 12" or 18* lengths in..
Flat Brass Washer place between nose bush and propeller Available in Pack of Six or Pack ..
Crocket Winding Hooks
Preformed Crocket hooks for winding rubber motors Available in three sizes Please select ..
Dave Banks Pilots
Lightweight sculpted foam pilot busts by Dave Banks, ready to paint with your favoured paint syst..
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Depron Foam
Sheets of lightweight building foam available in 4 standard thicknessess. Different sheet..
Dummy Radial Engine Kit
Lightweight realistic 3D printed Radial Engine Kit Available in 5,7 and 9 cylinder versions, ..
Electric Dethermaliser
This is a clever piece of electronics, weighing 2 grammes, designed to assist with the consi..
Electric Flight Dual Function Profiler
This is a clever piece of electronics, weighing 4 grammes, designed to assist with the consistent..
Electric Flight Ducted Fan
Electric ducted fan unit from Derek Knight Superbly manufactured miniature ducted fan units f..
Electric Flight Motor/Gearbox KP00
  Comprises Brushed motor with or without a gearbox for models from 13" to 24" wingspan ..
Electric Flight Profiler
This is a clever piece of electronics designed to assist with the consistent flying of electric m..
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