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2 Part Ballraced Thrust Bearing
  Lightweight Plastic ball raced nose bearing by KP Super light ballraced ..
Adjustable Nose Bearing
  Lightweight Plastic fully adjustable nose bearing by KP Clever nose bearing that a..
Electric Flight Ducted Fan
Electric ducted fan unit from Derek Knight Superbly manufactured miniature ducted fan units f..
Electric Flight Motor/Gearbox KP00
  Comprises Brushed motor with or without a gearbox for models from 13" to 24" wingspan ..
Electric Flight Profiler
This is a clever piece of electronics designed to assist with the consistent flying of electric m..
Electric Flight Unit KP01
Complete electric flight unit Suitable for models weighing up to 4 oz wingspan of 20" to 30" ..
Electric Flight Unit KP02
Complete electric flight unit Suitable for models weighing up to 9 oz wingspan of 40 -45" ..
KP Prop KP00
Pack of 3 for use with KP00 electric motor Set comprises of 3 hubs and 4 blade..
KP Prop KP01
Standard ABS propeller for use with KP01 electric motor     ..
KP Prop KP01/2
More props for use with KP01 and KP02electric motor Set comprises of 3 hubs and 4 b..
KP Prop KP01/KP02
3 part ABS propeller for use with KP01 or KP02 electric motor Set comprises hub and..
Micro JST Plug
Micro JST plug and socket for electric systems Lightweight connector for customising electric..
KP Micro Hinges for use with Free Flight  and small Radio Control models Very strong ..
Rubber Winder 10:1
A superbly engineered 10:1 ratio rubber motor winder for indoor and outdoor models, can handle a ..
Rubber Winder Outdoor 10:1 or 4:1
A superbly engineered Rubber winder for larger motors and outdoor models. Can be used with a 4:1 ..
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